August 27th


September 16th

God has more for your life.  

21 DAYS OF PRAYER is a great time to start believing Him for all that He has for you.  In this season, let's seek God first in our homes, with our families.  When you do this, He will start working on your behalf like never before.  You will see a difference in your relationships, your work, your family, and every area of your life.  It is then that you will best be able to spread His love to others.

How do i pray for 21 days?

If you're like most, while you agree praying for twenty-one straight days is a great idea, you may also wonder how you can do so without running out of ideas of who and what to pray for. 

A few ideas:

  • If you're new,  set a timer on your phone to remind you each day (or multiple times a day). Then challenge yourself to pray for at least 60 secs. After that, try to add 30 secs at a time whenever your alarm goes off. 
  • If you're a little advanced, click on the link above to download the prayer guide. It is full of powerful teachings and models of prayer.