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Church of the Highlands

We are all created by God as unique individuals, with different gifts, passions and values, abilities, behavior patterns, experiences, and interests. We are so complex that we need some time and a thoughtful process to truly discover ourselves.

Over the next eight weeks you can expect to learn the heart behind serving others and begin the path of discovering your gifts and passions. Together as a group you will explore your strengths and discover different areas where you can Serve. The goal of this small group is that at the end of the eight weeks you have an understanding of how and where you can be the hands and feet of Jesus.

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What If?

Alan Danielson

We all long to be connected with friends. We long to know and be known by God. We long to make a difference. How does being in a small group impact those things?  

In these four video Bible study sessions, Alan Danielson will take a look at four questions every small group should ask themselves. You'll hear real-life interviews from small groups whose lives were changed after they asked themselves those very questions.  

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