childcare reimbursement incentive program

eligibility guidelines

  • The group must be active for the current semester.
  • The group has to be one that meets on a WEEKLY basis.
  • The childcare worker has to clear a BACKGROUND CHECK before they will be able to watch children.
  • To comply with CWC policy, the worker MUST be a female adult or teenager.
  • Stay in touch with your coach on a weekly basis.


Who chooses the childcare worker and the location?
The childcare worker is of your own choosing at the location of your choosing. Preferably this is at the SAME location you are having your group.

Who pays for childcare?
You would pay the worker and CWC will reimburse you. Money can be put toward camp fees. If interested, ask for more details. 

How will I be reimbursed?
Fill out our Group Childcare Reimbursement form. Once your worker has been approved, you will get a confirmation email and will be able to receive a check EVERY OTHER Sunday between service.

How can I get my childcare worker approved?
A background check is REQUIRED for anyone who is 18 years of age and older. This form is available on our website or on our app. Once a decision has been made, the group leader will be notified.

How does the worker get the background check done?
Click HERE to access BackGround Check form.

What is the amount of the reimbursement?
The amount is $20 per meeting/session. This is a flat rate

Is the rate per hour?
The rate is a flat rate. That is why we ask for you to keep your small group to 1 ½ hours. The rate is the same regardless of how long your group is.

Is the rate per child?
No. The rate is still $20. This is to cover the worker arriving 15 minutes prior & staying 15 minutes after. You and the childcare worker need to establish the maximum number of children that can be managed safely.

Can a teenager serve as a child care worker?
Yes! However we ask that if they are NOT a part of CWC, that they meet with someone from our staff for approval.

Still have questions?

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