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Jesus said that He came to earth so that we may have life and have it to the full.
 -John 10:10


Just imagine that... LIFE abundant. Not barely surviving, but truly living. 

Hope.  Influence.  Laughter.  

Restoration.  Purpose.  Freedom. 

This is the kind of life God wants you to have. 

Through this study, you'll discover why this is His desire and also how you can experience it each and every day.

What is LIFE ?

  • 10 week semester that hits the reset button on your life.
  • Coach-Mentor style approach and training.
  • Safe, life-giving Group-Peer discussion in each session.
  • Weekly program that combines Scripture-based curriculum,  prayer,  and practical next steps.

When is LIFE ?

Interest Night

is Wednesday, February 6th @ 7pm


Spring Semester 2019

February 6th - April 19th

***Details & Calendar in form below.

Space is limited for actual  semester***

Our LIFE Coaching Groups drives the Christian World values and vision forward by helping you...

  • Move one step closer to God in your spiritual journey.
  • Breathe fresh air into your relationships.     
  • Identify, develop, & release leadership potential within yourself.


weekONE Video Session

for our

LIFE Coaching Group


Here are our most frequent asked questions

Q1. Do I need a book?

The Freedom (LIFE) Book is your personal journey and guide to make this journey in our LIFE Coaching Group successful.  Journaling in your own book, paired along with your group discussions and prayer is what makes the LIFE program so powerfully effective towards real, lasting LIFE change

Q2.  How much is the Freedom book?
The cost is $10 per book.

Q3. I would like to register & attend the group but I do not have the funds right now to pay for a book. What do I do?
Go ahead and register! On the sign up form, choose PAY LATER. You will be registered for the group and will be able to pay & receive your book when you arrive the following week. 

Q4. I see there are OFF-CAMPUS groups. Can I sign up to host a LIFE group?
 The answer is YES!  We would love for you to host your on off campus LIFE Coaching Group. 

Not Yet A LIFE Leader:

Option 1 - If you haven’t done so already, go through the LIFE Coaching Group so you can experience 1st hand what this program is all about.  This will help you but will better equip you to lead others on the LIFE journey.

Option 2 - Is to connect with one of our CURRENT LIFE Leaders and have them co-host a group with you. This will give you the opportunity to have your own group and will help you so you don’t have to do it alone.

Already a LIFE Leader:

If you are already a LIFE Leader, talk to Pastor Travis and see if it is the best fit for you!