Manuel Cortinas

cristina compan

Jaylea  C

I truly found God once invited to church and my eyes were opened and my soul was lifted. 

Corrina Velazquez

Ashley  M

I have lived my life looking for Love and Peace in just about anything and everyone and today I make a declaration that Im renewed in Him and born again!

Eddie Jackson Sr.

Brenna Gantzer

tiffany  k

Growing up, I wasn't raised in a religious household. Although I believed in God, I didn't have a strong relationship with Him... my boyfriend and I took a huge step and started attending Christian World. After we attended our very first service, I have been filled with a strong desire to know God, to learn about His word and to develop a strong relationship with Him. Since high school, I have suffered from anxious feelings and I now realize that it is so much easier to lean on Him and His word than anything or anyone else. I can now see and feel Him working in my life and the lives of those around me. After months of praying, speaking to my family and friends... I believe that being baptized is the next step in developing my relationship with Him. I couldn't be anymore ready to publicly declare that I am a follower of Jesus Christ!

John Hudson

Bryan & Genia Wood

shantel pointer